Tuesday, June 8, 2010

creepy, crawly, buggy, flying menagerie

There is a plethora of life in the yard this time of year and I have been busy snapping away. It is rather hot outside so the (neat) bugs can only be seen in the morning or the evening. Given my night owl nature, I usually don't rise with the sun, so most of my photo shoots are evening occurrences.

My favorite (and most triumphant) photos belong to the dragonflies. I have an old out-of-date camera, so to catch these quick little buggers is quite the challenge! I did three different photo shoots in one day, each time capturing a different color of dragonfly! (after tons of sweat) I don't know anything technical about them. They're just neat. (Note: clicking on images enlarges them)


I have no idea what this next thing is. All I know is that it did not look like this with the naked eye. 

I plucked the tiniest snail from some foliage after a rain. He journeyed down my finger, then across, all the while leaving a slimy trail behind him.

Can't have baby bugs without eggs!

These are Aphid Lion eggs, or green lacewing larvae. I leave them because, as stated, they eat the lion's share of aphids. But they do bite humans! I have proof if needed. The adults grow up to be green lacewings. Beneficial pretty much all around, minus some accidental human nibbling. 

Well, I guess you can't have eggs without, uh.....love?

I caught these two nasty-doers on my car. I wanted to go get sandwiches for me and the Mr. but these two wanted me to wait. 
Notice the total disregard for being caught. Their expressions never even changed.

At least every once in a while, something pretty stops by.

I don't know the name of most critters off-hand. I'm calling all these last pics 'butterflies' completely out of ignorance. I am most certain the last one is a moth, but the research won't do itself. [Not that the two people who actually read this come here to learn :)]

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