Friday, July 2, 2010

Lots O' Rain

I think sitting on the porch listening to and watching the rain is quite the reward with which to end a long day.  The other reward, of course, is photographing it. This week's rain has given me an excuse to post more rain photos...and take even more.  

Raindrops can be like diamonds to the open mind.

I'm not even sure what weedy grass thing this is, but today it was beautiful.  Every raindrop a sparkle, every sparkle unique. Sounds a little dramatic, I know, but it was really something in the sunlight.

These little dots are posing on the pointy tips of rose leaves.

Nerium Oleander blooms pink.  This bush is at least 10ft X 10ft and full of blooms. Well was full before all the rain...but always holds up well.  Did I mention it's extremely toxic? It is. bad. So beware and be safe if you have kids or animals who like to eat foliage.

White Rose of Sharon is also now in bloom.  Related to the hibiscus, the flowers are short lived but plentiful. My tree doesn't get all the sun it truly needs to bloom fully, but is very nice nonetheless.  It is also a wonderful butterfly and hummingbird plant, which you would know if you already clicked that link.

Purple Ice Plant (Delosperma cooperi) is the hardiest version I know of the neat family of succulents.  I have several other colors, but this one is nearly unstoppable.

Thank you for indulging me..if you did.

I hope you enjoy your own raindrops on roses!

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