Saturday, July 17, 2010

A bird on the Hand

This cute young Mockingbird and I had a run-in at my front door and poor little thing was too scared to move! He stayed still as a statue perched on my gloves laid out to dry.  I actually took these photos from behind my glass door to try to avoid any further scare, but his mom was flying around squawking incessantly as if to tell her babe to "Get a move on!" (or warn us to stay away!)

Since he didn't move at all, we went out through the garage. It had occurred to me that the mom may attack us and I am never really OK with that situation. Bird attacks = not cool. 
Either way, they were both gone when we got home that evening, and can now be found in the backyard, where the baby is learning how to fly. How sweet! His hops are adorable. I hope to one day capture nature like that on film. 


  1. Lovely story! So glad it all turned out well. Thanks for sharing!